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Entry #1

What?! My original subject was too short.

2009-05-30 02:32:27 by IckyToast

Woot, I finally got my newgrounds account. Holy crap this site is God.

That's really all for now . _ .


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2009-05-30 03:48:47

why hello there and welcome stranger

IckyToast responds:

Why thank you for the Welcome ^-^


2009-06-06 13:44:55

I agree that the Meet N' Fuck guy is a god :P Best games ever! Nice picture btw :P Which one r u? lol just makin' small talk...

IckyToast responds:

Lol I'm the one on the right. Heh I don't really know what else to say ^-^'


2009-06-07 11:36:49

Lol nice :P If you don't mind me saying, you have very nice breasts ;) lol

IckyToast responds:

No I don't mind, I kind of get that a lot <.< ^-^

Thank you by the way.


2009-06-07 16:58:25

Heheh You're welcome ^_^

Usually when someone says that they get slapped in the face lol.

Lol in your picture there's some guy behind you lookin' like such a perv lol

IckyToast responds:

Lol yeah, that's one of my friends....He's is kind of a perv, but pretty much all my friends are lol