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Need help

2009-06-24 21:10:45 by IckyToast

I don't know a good location to get flash, i tried best buy and all those places but I couldn't seem to find made me sad because i want to join all ypu newground civilians with the flashness....


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2009-06-24 21:12:38



2009-06-24 21:14:50

im sorry to inform you that you have uncurable newgrounds aids [AIDS]

IckyToast responds:

Nooooo T^T


2009-07-06 17:18:42

I got flash free with my PC... ok I never usually say this, but... torrent. Limewire, Kazza (although I don't reccomend Kazza) etc.

IckyToast responds:

How did you get it free?


2009-07-24 17:12:24

Whoa, sorry - haven't been on for a while.

I dunno, it's just there on the desktop, I never bought it or anything. Don't use it much, though - I lack the expertise :P


2009-12-03 00:43:44

You tried Amazon yet?